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12 Bottles plus 1 FREE Fountain of Life Drops – Antioxidant Made From The Best Norwegian Spruce Tree Extract
Bottle Content:
30ml (1 US fl oz) or 300 drops each
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The high content of plant Lignans and other powerful antioxidants found in Fountain of Life drops comes from the potent, proprietary extract of the Norwegian Spruce tree, which is known to carry extensive amounts of health benefits such as:


– Breast Cancer Risks
– Colon Cancer Risks
– Heart Disease Risks
– Diabetes Complications
– Cardiovascular Disease Risks


– Hair Health
– Heart Health
– Metabolism
– Prostate Health


The daily dosage of Fountain of Life drops is dependent upon the user’s body weight. We recommend taking a minimum of 5 drops per day for users weighing 50kg (110 lb) or less and 10 drops for those weighing over 50kg. The users weighing over 100 kg (220 lb) should consider taking more than 10 drops to receive the maximum antioxidant benefit from Fountain of Life. the general rule is to add 1 drop per every 10kg (22 lb) of body weight.


Fountain of Life has the naturally bitter taste of the Norwegian Spruce Tree. Fountain of Life drops can be taken straight, or added to food or beverages, such as yogurt, water, juice, tea, coffee or beer.


Lignans have proven to offer wound healing properties when placed directly on cuts and abrasions. When used topically in the mouth, lignans have helped address gum inflammation. Place Fountain of Life directly on the tongue and move around the mouth. The lignans will adhere naturally to your teeth and gums for this application do not use juice or water as a mixer as it will wash the lignans away.

There are reports that skin conditions such as acne have improved with lignans while issues such as nail fungus, ingrown nails, and cuticle issues have improved with topical conditions.

For those with hemorrhoids, direct application of lignans reduces the inflammation and discomfort.

Fountain of life may be used topically, however, it should never be used in the eyes or in the ears.


Fountain of Life drops can be used in the shampoo and conditioner to address scalp issues and flakes. Add 5 ml for every 100 ml of shampoo or conditioner to effectively reduce flakes and improve scalp health.


Fountain of Life can also protect and preserve the health of house pets. if the pets are spayed or neutered, lignans can help with their hormonal balance. As well, lignans have shown to improve the health of dogs suffering from Cushing’s Disease. Add 1 drop of FOL per 10 kg of pet’s weight to their food on a daily basis.


Fountain of Life drops is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Fountain of Life is not recommended for children under the age of 12.

Store in a cool, dry place to preserve freshness. Do not use if the safety seal is broken.

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